If you are stuck on the in-game …downloading screen…, and you are a Windower4 user you may have to use the –hairpin command in your settings file like this:

--server --hairpin --user YourAccountName  --pass YourPassword

adding that to your settings.xml file should allow you to get onto the server as normal. This file is located in your Windower4 folder.

See the full example below as to how your settings file should look like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <profile name="">
  <profile name="BabyChoco">
    <args>--server --hairpin --user Rocktoast --pass Mypassword</args>

If you are still stuck connecting from the character menu do the following:

  • Navigate to the Title Screen of the game and instead of selecting a character, click on the Back button. This will force the server to kick your ghost copy if it appears online:

BabyChoco n. /bābēCHōkō/ is a Final Fantasy XI (11) private server that has been customized for gamers that live a busy life style.

While still keeping certain aspects of a competitive multiplayer game, BabyChoco’s objective is to provide a fun and relaxed MMORPG experience to all.

Read more… Mode Tweaked

  • Ability to engage other players has been enabled.
  • Only under the status of !pk will be able to battle another player
  • !pk command added
  • Can no longer attack a non-pk player

Beastmaster – Necromancy

  • Beastmaster has been given the ability to “Charm” the undead
  • No additional special mobs added
  • Undead can only be Charmed with the use of darker-sided subjob. Can you guess what it is?
    • The hinted subjob has a specific trait necessary to command the undead!

Additional attack boost to your pet has been given if the combined conditions are met.

Any errors or glitches please post them in the forum.

Have fun!

anyone able to help me out. trying to do bastok 2-3 and when i start the dragon fight in sandy the CS locks up and i cant move forward

We tweaked some OS settings to improve how we update the server game files.
Updated to the latest DSP Server version.

(You may have trouble connecting, if you do, just let us know and sit tight.)

Babychoco will continue to strive into a different style and completely or partially alter/enhance its original idea.
Babychoco will continue to perform updates but will no longer disclose its features – consider this world a mass easter egg hunt – play, learn, experiment and discover. Enjoy 🙂
Share your discoveries


Babychoco FFXI Server will be shutdown until further notice.

What happened you ask?
We have little time to monitor. Hosting costs money.

What happens to player data?
Data will remain intact. You simply won’t be able to access the game server.

The web site will stay online to keep everyone updated if babychoco servers come back.
Sorry everyone, we had a great time playing and assisting, we hope everyone has a great 2018 and holiday season!
Stay warm, stay cool and have fun 🙂

If you are interested in sponsoring for the host or hosting babychoco for your self please email us at

Website has fully migrated to the new server with URL;

The game server will now stay separate so be sure to update your config files in windower and/or ashita:

As it can take some time for everyone to udpate their URLs we have kept some URLs which will automatically redirect you the correct one. However, you may receive a message stating the website is not secure, which simply means you accessed the website via (or something else) as opposed from

Why the change? We want to minimize/eliminate the amount of bots and potential bandwidth spam that comes from these bots.

And also because I enjoy learning about and implementing new tech stuff 😀



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