About BabyChoco

Welcome to BabyChoco FFXI Server ^^

BabyChoco n. /bābēCHōkō/ is a Final Fantasy XI (11) private server that has been customized for gamers that live a busy life style.

While still keeping certain aspects of a competitive multiplayer game, BabyChoco’s objective is to provide a fun and relaxed MMORPG experience similar to that of FFXIV.

BabyChoco Stats…

  • All Maps Unlocked
  • All Expansions Unlocked You can see the expansion enabled list when you log in. (Based on dsp’s What Works list)
  • *SubJob Limit Breaker/Genkai at Level 75 (custom quest) Unlocked at level 1.
  • Movement Speed Increase (2x higher than retail)
  • Gil Drop Rate Increase (2.5x higher than retail)
  • Level 99 Cap
  • Drop Rate Slight Increase (1.55x higher than retail)
  • Crafting Skill-up Increase (10x higher than retail)
  • Auction House filled with basic ingredients for Crafters
  • Experience Increase (4x higher than retail)
  • Fame Increase (3.5x higher than retail)
  • TP Gain Decrease (25% lower than retail)
  • TP Power Inrease (3x higher than retail)
  • Player HP Increase (2x higher than retail)
  • Player MP Increase (1.5x higher than retail; 90% of MP from sub-job level is retained)
  • Attribute (VIT, DEX, etc.) Increase (1.25x higher than retail)
  • Movement Speed Increased 2.5x
  • Open-world PlayerKill
Note: Accommodations will be granted to players for items that are unobtainable by normal means.

Installation instructions can be found here.

In-Game BabyChoco Commands

!moghouse will give you full access to all storage including switching jobs
!ah (opens up the Auction House menu)
!warp (will warp your character to your home point)
!chocobo (transforms your character to a random chocobo, can be used anywhere)
!ninjatools shop that contains some ninja tools

Armor Shops e.g.: !war

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