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Due to certain high-level armor and weapons not increasing stats (We believe this is only the case for ilvl 100+ equipment), we are creating a spreadsheet which includes the ID# for every attribute that can be modified by weapons and armor. The fix for the equipment with missing attribute modifications is simple but the issue lies in finding a reference for the attribute’s ID# since there is no reference table on the DSP website.

We are encouraging any aid from our fellow adventurers: If you would like to help, feel free to send a link of any wearable equipment that only modifies one attribute (or modifies multiple attributes by different values) from into the “Item Modification Sheet” Forum post

We appreciate any help you can give us!

plush-toy-final-fantasy-6-inch-chocobo-with-book-788_300_300Change-log — 8/25/2016

  • Fixed Blue Mage 2-hour: Azure Lore. Blue Mages will now be able to use this ability.
  • Homepoints now work as they are supposed to and heal players upon use.
  • Update: We have looked into the Weaponskill issue and are still looking for the coding to take away the limits on quest-enabled weaponskills
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Greetings adventurers! We are currently looking for Game Masters (GMs) to help us handle issues that come up with the BabyChoco server. We are currently a two-person team with obligations that prevent us from being online during weekday mornings so applicants that are available within these hours are a plus. The open GM positions  and the responsibilities of each are listed below.

Level 1 GM: The Lv. 1 GM is the direct line between the GM team and the players and their responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring each player has the BabyChoco linkpearl for ease of communication
  • Answering player questions and report issues to higher level GMs.
  • Monitoring posts and comments on and writing posts for new issues

*When we get a feel for questions that early players have, Lv. 1 GMs will be supplied with a sheet of frequently asked questions to help speed up that process.*

Level 2 GM: The Lv. 2 GM will focus more on creative mechanisms of the game, customization as well as event planning.

  • Ability to provide all possible pros and cons before changes happen.
  • Provide feedback to make the game less repetitive and more enjoyable, broader.
  • Discussing and documenting changes.
  • Adding/removing content and making adjustments.

Level 3 GM: The Lv. 3 GM is a more technical position designed to help with software issues and provide solutions to its community. Their responsibilities include:

  • Diagnosing connectivity issues
  • Asking players their last actions before their instance (or the server) crashed and sometimes asking them to repeat the action to ensure that is the cause
  • Using teamviewer or other remote desktop connection software to assist players when needed
  • Assisting Lv. 1 GMs
  • Reporting directly to Senior GMs

For those who are interested in assisting us with the issues that the players and servers run across, please contact us at

Tell us about your self and what you’re interested on. What you like and what you dislike about the game.

There has been a change to the server connection settings. In order to access the BabyChoco server from Ashita, you must do the following:

First: Open Ashita and click on BabyChoco (do not click the arrow beside it) and click on the edit pencil that the green arrow is pointing to in the image below.

Open Ashita and select the the BabyChoco server (do not click the arrow as if you were going to play) and click on the edit pencil that the green arrow is pointing to.

After clicking the edit pencil you should see the menu below.

The current server name   the new server name

In the Boot Command text box you will see  “–server“.

Replace (or any Internet Address number) to

Do not change or remove anything else before or after that!
Be sure that –hairpin is set in the Boot Command field or else you’ll be stuck in a black screen. 

Now you’ll be able to log in just fine.

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