We apoligize greatly for the offline time today. We had some security updates that we had to take care of and were unable to post of current maintenance.


As a temporary three-day complimentary gesture you will be given the following buffs upon login:

  • Increased EXP buff upon login.
  • Increased crafting success by +40%
  • Drop Rate by +50%

Decided to start with some early visual updates to celebrate that warming breeze ^^



Official event date not yet disclosed, more to come, stay tunned!

  • Genkai/Limit Break 10 quest can now be accepted (Good Luck!)
    • Battlefield has been enabled only in Qu’Bai Arena at this time

The expansion has been enabled on BabyChoco for us to test. Please be reminded that some features may not function as they should. Nonetheless this opens way to many more spells and skills to attain.

You may read about the quest line at bg-wiki.
Visit wiki.dspt’s What Works page for more information on what works.

Any changes made by us will be listed in our Change Logs.

Enjoy! ^^


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