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Due to certain high-level armor and weapons not increasing stats (We believe this is only the case for ilvl 100+ equipment), we are creating a spreadsheet which includes the ID# for every attribute that can be modified by weapons and armor. The fix for the equipment with missing attribute modifications is simple but the issue lies in finding a reference for the attribute’s ID# since there is no reference table on the DSP website.

We are encouraging any aid from our fellow adventurers: If you would like to help, feel free to send a link of any wearable equipment that only modifies one attribute (or modifies multiple attributes by different values) from into the “Item Modification Sheet” Forum post

We appreciate any help you can give us!

Can’t really active max level.

When passing 75 and using your Kindred seals and crests to do the limit breaks seems a bit harder when you can’t really access the higher zones  when Abyssea isn’t working. This forces players to go to farm at Zeruhn Mines (where you can at least break 75 and lvl to 80 there) or the basement of Crawlers Nest (which is kinda hard at a 75 job ). This leaves the other zones out in Whitegate more ideal, but when the staging points don’t work and not all the NPCs working either makes it hard to use those zones to lvl let alone acquiring seals/crests for limit breaks.
I am hoping that at the at least we can get the NPC to exchange seals for crests can be fixed or at the very least a GM is willing to exchange the seals for crests so players can continue their leveling.

Missing Weapon Skills. 

Playing DNC and using daggers I have noticed that the quested weapon skill Evisceration was on my WS list then disappeared at some point in my lvling. I do not know if this is an issue with other jobs but at least with Dagger one WS is missing off the list.

Acquiring Gear. 

In a previous post we mentioned how can we get access to other gear outside AH like JSE, Relic, Emperion, Nyzul, Salvage and other quested or NM dropped gear. As a suggestion if GM’s want to hold events like running from your nation at lvl 1 to Jeuno for basic items like “Chocobo Whistle” to something like that to killing force popped VWNM’s or other NM’s for a choice of gear from a zone, set or from that mob. (within server limits of course)

Below is a list of @shop ideas formed by Ahoybaby and Draekinne.

  1. Food
  2. Dyn Currency
  3. JSE gear
  4. Ninja tools
  5. Salvage, nyzul, and dyna gear
  6. Base relic weapons
  7. EXP Rings
  8. Seals/Crests

May add more later.

This post represents both Ahoybaby and Draekinne’s viewpoints on the current way of gaining EXP vs. leveling through books/pages.

  1. The EXP gained from killing mobs isn’t equal to the EXP you would get from killing those exact mobs as part of a page. Example:  Say a page tells you to kill 10 of a certain mob. Those mobs check Easy Prey to you, and upon completion you receive 7000 EXP. Now, if you were to kill those exact same mobs without the book (but with the increased EXP), you would not be getting the 7000 EXP from Easy Prey mobs.
  2. The current version of retail, and in many other private servers, FoV/GoV is enabled. This creates the expectation from new players that the server will have this feature enabled and may lead them to shy away from staying on the server.
  3. Enabling this feature creates the option to players to level quicker. However, a player can also elect NOT to use the books, and level wherever and on whatever they choose.

I do remember being told that the server was in debug mode, so it’s very likely that’s why it was a command. However, it was very useful in leveling and is a nice feature to boost the player’s leveling experience, especially if they’re focused on end-game content and just want to rush to 99 as fast as possible.

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