FFXI Setup

Last Updated: 09-09-19
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You may alternatively download FFXI directly from:

If you already have the game installed, jump to Step 8. Please keep in mind that you must create a new account using either Windower or Ashita if you haven’t done so for the BabyChoco Server.

 1) Install 7zip - double click 7z1600 and follow the setup instructions.
 2) Right click on Ashita  -> 7-Zip -> Extract to "Ashita\"
 3) Right click on FFXI Setup -> 7-Zip -> Extract to "FFXI Setup\"
 4) Right click on FFXI Patch -> 7-Zip -> Extract to "FFXI Patch\"
 Now that you have extracted everything. Let’s start installing Final Fantasy XI:
 5) Double Click on 64bit POL and follow the setup.
 6) Double click on FFXISETUP.exe
 Check all of the expansions.
 Uncheck PlayOnline Viewer if it is checked and continue the installation.
 Note* Setup will prompt you at the end of every expansion to click next and continue.
 7) Copy the contents from FFXI Patch into your Final Fantasy XI folder and overwrite all files when prompted.
 e.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\
 8) Run PlayOnline shortcut located on your desktop. PlayOnline may update itself during this process. You will be prompted to login. Do not register.
 Select existing member and use the PlayOnline ID ABCD1234
 And the username as anything you like.
 9) Open PlayOnline again if necessary
 Select Check Files on the left menu.
 From the drop down menu on this screen select Unknown and proceed with file check and file repair.
 Note* This automatic download/repair process can take up to 12 hours to finish!
 8) Download Windower and extract into your documents.
 9) Inside the windower folder you will find xiloader. Move/Copy xiloader to C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\PlayOnlineViewer\ 
 10) Open Windower.exe and double click on the name 'BabyChoco'
 11) Create your account and enjoy! **

Please keep in mind that you must create a new account using either Windower4 or Ashita, do not use PlayOnline for any of this.

Check out our Technical Support blog for common resolved issues. If the problem persists come visit our forum and post your questions.

8 Replies to “FFXI Setup”

  1. I have tried using the windower but it doesn’t show Baby choco as an option and my pc keeps detecting a virus in your system, is this real? I’d really like to play FFXI again. Is there another way to get on the baby choco server or that can help me.


      1. I’m sorry to bother you more. I can now get into the playonline viewer via windower, but I can’t figure out the password and username system. I thought I typed it out properly in the “xml” file like on your windower fix, but I’m afraid I’m missing something key.

        I apologize, I’m a bit PC illiterate.


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